Tryton's tech stack

Tech stack of Tryton? Recommended tech stack?

I found this conversation.

In our current unrelated to Tryton project we use PHP and Vue.js but after
a recent third party review the recommendation was:

"Our recommended tech stack would be react on frontend, .net on backend and azure for cloud services.

For the CI/CD there’re many service providers who have the tools necessary for this job, we usually tend to go with azure devops services since it fits really well with the stack I mentioned above. We also use gitlab quite often for version control and in that case - we also use gitlab devops features for creating the CI/CD pipelines and automating the deployment process."

Now we at Ronny’s are evaluating using Tryton since production and inventory and other robust erp functionality already exists here.

What languages would our existing team need to learn in order to successfully implement Tryton in a long term development? (we would also outsource some tasks)

Any additional recommendations on the ideal tech stack?

I do not see why changing the stack if you are happy with it.
Such change should be driven by your needs. What you have sound perfectly valid.

Is he working at Microsoft :thinking:

Tryton is mostly written in Python (with some JavaScript).

Often I recommend to use what you already know that fit the best with what you want to build.


Haha, yes it seems he works at Microsoft.

Thanks for the clear responses, validation of our existing tech choices. I am introducing Tryton to the team this coming week.

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