Recomended stack technology for production enviroment

Hi, what are the recomendation for deploy a production enviroment?

Right now my enviroment is setting up with werkzeug, just for development! I understand this is not suitable enviroment for production purpose.

We are not expert with python, so we are looking for a simply configuration to keep our enviroment easy to support it with not loosing security or performance

Until now I am testing with uWSGI but there are a lot options for wsgi and I don’t know if it is a good option for tryton.

Maybe it needs a few configuration to optimize something, and I have a doubt about nginx, I need it?

I have a Production Deployment of Tryton running as a Sales POS Shop now Three years now and Counting with no issues at all where we have a Fedora 30 Server having the Trytond Server and 10 client machines connecting in different shops , the setup is Trytond Server – Gunicorn, Circus – Nginx And i use Postgresql Server


Yes you will need nginx for the load balancing

You can use our docker image (which uses uwsgi) which comes with some default configuration and its updated with bug and security fixes

Where can I found it? And I never worked with docker, so what package I need to install to implement it on ubuntu server?

You can check How to run Tryton using Docker

Glad to heard about you successful case.
Gunicorn have an easy implementation or is more complex to work with it, and Circus what it do and why you need it, I never heard about it?

Circus we use it to monitor the processes and start trytond within its own Virtual environment with gunicorn .
Check this links to learn more : Circus , Circus Gunicorn Configuration detail and here you is an example of a circus configuration file

It looks so useful that I’ll take a time to study it try to implement it in the future

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