Trytond 6.0 and Werkzeug 2.x

Tryton6 - the current and LTS release - limits the build environment to a Werkzeug version < 2, a version that is outdated and will probably not receive any updates.
(First release candidate of Werkzeug 2 is from Feb 2021, release was in May 2021)

IMO it makes sense to update Tryton6 to a recent Werkzeug-version - what do you think?

Werkzeug 2.0 was released after Tryton 6.0 so it could not depend on it. And we do not update dependencies in bugfix releases (otherwise it will not be a bugfix release).

The development version already supports werkzeug 2.x and this will be the case also for the upcoming 6.2 release.

If you need some features available on werkzeug 2.x you should consider updating to it. Remeber that upgradig to newer series is always supported.

I dont need the features (for the moment), I just prefer up-to-date software.
I have patched my build and could not see a negative impact so far.
Except that it makes the LTS more future proof.