Updated modules not loaded on Tryton 5.0 LTS

This is about bug Issue 9976: Updated modules not loaded on Tryton 5.0 LTS - Tryton issue tracker

Tryton packages from Debian stable is a right software origin. Then, if this is a LTS version of Tryton (v5.0) and there are published updates for this version, there must be a way to install them.

…or why not update Debian repositories with fixed software?

The Debian packaging is not done under the Tryton umbrella.
I think it will be better to contact the team responsible of its maintenance at https://tryton-team.pages.debian.net/mailinglists.html

Running a Tryton-server and Tryton-client 5.0 from Debian.org
repositories on Debian 10 (buster)
Is it safe to upgrade packages by using m9s.biz (buster-5.0) repository?

If you want an always up to date Tryton installation, it is probably simpler to use the published Docker image.

Thank you for suggestion.

I choose LTS packages as near as possible to Stable Debian design: To have a better integrated software on operating environment, and a wider supported scenario (not only 1 software).

I don’t want to be always up to date: I need the LTS concept as well applied as possible, same as I need Unix/GNU integration concept as well applied as possible.

I’m going now to Debian packaging team strategy.

I have seen any Tryton packages that actually improve the integration with the OS.
For the support you will have better support with an up to date version of Tryton that does not mean to give up to LTS. There is a docker image for the series 5.0.

So why are you doing Gentoo overlays?

Cédric, you mean support focused on only Tryton software; not its environment. “Integration” also has a mean in support.

What are these overlays good for?

Cédric could explain better, but AFAIS they are the Gentoo way to install packages.

Not to forget security support of the environment, not just Tryton.

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I’ve never created nor maintained a package but I’m wondering how much complex will be to have packaging for some distrios on the Tryton umbrella. It is possible that can be automated in the realease scripts?

Currently the docker image is based on debian but we are installing tryton using pip. So if we have debian packages for tryton we may use them for the docker images and the packages can be reused for debian based distros.

It will be great to have an answer for package maintainers (@yangoon @coogor)

Hi Sergi,
once the builds are up and running it is ‘just’ a matter of keeping the packages up-to-date.

The openSUSE Build Service is a wonderful tool that allows easy build against various distributions and flavours of distributions (Leap 15.x, Tumbleweed) as well as architectures (Intel, ARM, …), and it assures consistency in case a base package (any of the ones Tryton depends on) is changed.

This can be combined with an automated test in openQA (which we currently have set-up for GNU Health, so a base test of Tryton is included). That makes the difference between Tumbleweed and other (untested) rolling releases. (enough marketing, but I had to say this :wink:

But to come back to the original point of keeping it up to date - I have build be a small python program that automates the update process. Once the announcement of updates fly in - like some days ago - I run the script and I’m basically done.

Let me know if you have additional questions!