Tryton Unconference 2019: In Marseille on the 6th & 7th of June

The Tryton Foundation is happy to announce the venue and date of the next Tryton Unconference.

We will go in the sunny city of Marseille in south of France on the 6th and 7th of June. Contrary to previous editions of the Tryton Unconferences the coding sprint will be organized during the two days preceding the conference.

Both events will take place at the École de Commerce et de Management. We will publish a website with more detailed informations shortly.

Many thanks to adiczion which is the organizer of this year event!

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How much to participate in event?

We usually try to make it pretty cheap, this year we’re still discussing how to set up the things for the lunch (will we host something in the school or will we let people roam Marseille to find we they want to eat) so I can not give you a definitive price tag but the goal is to make it affordable for everyone.

Will code sprint organized at the same place ?
Better to know to book an hotel near the event place…
When will it be possible to register ? Do you will create an event web page ?


We’re in the process of creating the event web page with the registering information.

The TUM page is available now

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I wanted to register via the website, but I have an error:

This event is not live.
Check back soon!

It should be fixed now.

Thanks, Maxime and I are registered :grinning:

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… just arrived in marseille by train. And beeing eager, what we do tonight.

I arrive at Marselle Train Station at 21:30 pm, so I can join on 22:00 if you are still there :beers:

For those who have arrived, we can find ourselves on the old port (‘vieux port’) at 19:30, under the mirror (see the picture) we will decide at that moment … tell me! cf9a9aa2

We’re already in Marseille too. And we’re having a beer on the vieux port (in the shamrock) … we’ll be there at 19:30 :wink:

Cool. Korbi and me will come, too, but later.

I am here, where are you ?

Here is the link to register for dinner on Thursday 06/06:

pictures of TUM2019