Tryton one install multiple instances

Dear Trytoner

I would like to know if someone have done something similar to do one simple install and use this install for multiple users. I mean somehing like

  • One OS with trytond / Sao
  • Multiple trytond.conf for different users
  • if extra / custom modules are required, then we could install in a homedir and added at the uwsgi starting file

Any suggest or comment related please if have some experiences on it


We avoid such infrastructure and prefer to have one installation per database. This is because otherwise it makes the update job much more difficult as it must be done all at once.

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I am planning to use Tryton as a SaaS on a standard basic install for more than one customer. That is the reason on looking a way to do it as simple as posible, I mean, I am trying to plan to update as simple as posible.
I guess having one install per database, will implies to update code on each install, after version upgrade, and later run database upgrade on each database, probably one install for all databases, considering this way on install is focused on a standar install with no customized data or modules.

Thanks for suggests

Depending on the number of database and their size, you may have a downtime quiet long. Also if one database fails to update for any reason, all this other may be blocked.
About keeping the installed code up to date, I would suggest to look at docker images. This is a way reuse the same code but deploy separately.

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