Tryton-cron - manual call?

Hey everybody,
unluckily, my server is not yet working ):

So I’m not sure whether it’s wise (and possible) to call tryton-crons manually?
The other idea is to keep my desktop, where tryton lives at the moment, alive at the time when crons are starting. So - at which time do crons act?

Thanks a lot in advance,

There is a button on the cron form called “Run Once”. This will force the execution of the cron.

Crons are run as soon as possible and then reschedule for the next execution. You can see and update the next execution date from the Administration -> Scheduled Tasks -> Scheduled tasks menu.

Allright. I got some misinformation and thought there are nightly crons. In my settings, default is “every 5 minutes”. So I would normally not have to bother about crons. True?


You only need to run the tryton-cron executable and it will take care of executing the required crons whenever it is needed.

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