Cron time in scheduler

I found a funny issue in schedule.

The server is setup with UTC time.
But the client setup using Asia/jakarta locale.

When setting the time in schedule, it follow the time of Server (UTC) instead follow the client locale.

May I know, this is correct?

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What do you mean by “following”? Please could you give a specific example?

Apologize for not clear explain, Example:
I put the cron run every 1 days at 15 hour.
Next call is 2020-06-23 22:00:00

My time is Asia/Jakarta. Server timezone is UTC.
So, I need to set server time zone which is 15hrs so that it can as my expectation at every day 22hrs in Asia/Jakarta Time

Indeed as they are simple integer field, they are not aware of client timezone.
I do not think we can change because:

  • we are not going to create a widget just for this special case
  • we can not use none UTC on server side as different servers with different timezone could schedule the cron

So I guess the best is to put an help text explaining it is in UTC.

Agree. might have some help text to somewhere to indicate the Cron is follow server Setting timezone.

Or maybe we could add a timezone on ir.cron which will be used to get the datetime when computing the next call. See Issue 9436: Add timezone on cron task - Tryton issue tracker

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