Tryton appointment

Hi, please i’m having issues with the tryton 6 web client.
its showing an empty appointment list, but at the top its clearly showing the number of appointment.

NB: When i use tryton desktop client, i don’t have that issue.
Please if anyone can help

Which series exactly? Tryton series are composed of 2 numbers?

This sounds like a custom module because there is no appointment list in standard modules.

I’ve had this issue when I first migrated from 6.0 to 6.2 and did not update my TRYTOND_WEB__ROOT variable, which was still pointing to the 6.0 version of the SAO.

You could see for example that on the window domain or the record count some sales exist but the records themselves where not listed.

If you had a migration recently I’d suggest checking the version of the SAO you’re working with.

version 6.0
appointment is in health,


i checked and i have the good version of sao. But i keep having the same issue with appointment