Tryton 6.4 Accounts can't be opened

Sine my update from 6.2 to 6.4. There is a change in behavior when I try to open an account in the tree view by clicking. Nothing append visually now. And when I try to leave the view, the interface indicate that a change have been made and ask for saving. If I say yes, it says

La valeur du champ enfant sur compte n’est pas valide suivant son domaine

I can open accounts in the list view, so no big deal here, but it looks like a bug?

If you are using the web client this is related to Issue 11464: Record with xxx2Many always considered as modified - Tryton issue tracker which is already fixed in sao 6.4.1
Updating to it should solve the issue.

This happens in the tryton client actually.

I guess your chart of account was not valid and now this is enforced with Issue 11143: Enforce same type for children account as their parent - Tryton issue tracker

Ok indeed I’ve checked with a fresh DB and everything works as expected. I’ve openned and saved each account created since and this solved the issue.

Maybe the message should just explicitly indicates which one is wrongly typed?