Tryton 6.0 client requires pygtkcompat

I have installed Tryton 6.0 client via pip3 on a fresh Tumbleweed system and MATE desktop, Python 3.8.8

When attempting to connect to the demo server it crashes with:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pygtkcompat’

As this was an issue for Tryton 5.0 (Why does Tryton still needs pygtkcompat library?), I seem to remember that full Python3/GTK3 compatibility was planned for Tryton 5.2?

A quick search on the CHANGELOG of the tryton client let me to this changeset:

Which landed on tryton 5.2.

But there is still some code there to avoid dulication of generictree. This was alredy explained on your linked topic:

First of all - please dont edit my postings. Its not an admin thing, its a development issue

So for how long do you plan to stick with this deprecated function?

Until anyone provides a good solution for it. This is free software, feel free to provide a patch if you have one.

For ever because it is not deprecated but a class to ease implementing Gtk.TreeModel interface in Python and because there is no point to have to maintain ourselve such tool.

For me works quite well

I missed that statement on Rietveld…

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