Translations updated every months

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Tryton uses pootle to manage and collaborate on translating it into many languages.
We have setup a monthly task that update the terms on the server with the last development version. This allows translators to work during the full 6 months between the releases instead of just the last month.
We hope that it will ease and smooth the translator job and so attract new translators and new languages.

If you want to help translating, you can make suggestion directly and once you mastering it, you can contact the language administrator to grant more access.
If your language is not yet supported by Tryton and you want to contribute, please fill an request.

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How often are the updated translations synced to Tryton?

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On every series release, so it is every 6 months.


Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking about implementing the Angolan version of the Portuguese translation for a long time since I’ve got to know tryton, because I just like tryton so much.

The Brazilian translation is not appropriate for the kind of Portuguese we use here, in Angola. So I really want to add a new option called pt_ao. So the installation of tryton is so much smoother.

The questions is what are the steps I have to take to add a new language.

Thank you guys for your help

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