Bug tracker registration

Thanks ced, for your fast reply as always.

However, I can’t seem to finish a new user registration. Is the page for user registration at Registering with Tryton issue tracker still working normally? Yesterday, I tried to register a new user to create a proposal for the Angolan Portuguese, pt_ao, translation, but it does not send the link to complete the registration. Is it still working?

Did you check your spam folder? Have you too strict spam filter or rules on your mail server? You must accept email from @tryton.org

It was a typo in the email, but now when I follow the link, at the tryton issue webpage, it reads the following message:
‘No such otk “…”’

I guess the token is expired, you should restart the process.
You should not post publicly such token as they are supposed secret and only known from you.


I’ve done the registration and created a new issue: Issue 7845: Angolan Portuguese Translation - Tryton issue tracker