TLDs using "tryton"

I fully agree with you.
I didn’t think about breaking any rule with the domain In this case, I think you admit the landing page, its content and its URL are not misleading, but the domain “tryton” name is.

I reserved this domain to create a community content with other french trytonists. All those I am in contact with know about this initiative. This content is still not available, and I redirected the domain to my personal blog as a waiting page, because I think it is better than nothing.

Nevertheless, I never mentioned in any publication and I have no hope that some prospect would land on my service proposal. I guess you discovered by searching dns ?

If anyone in Tryton community is still uncomfortable with this redirection and ask for cancellation, I will cancel it.

And again, I’m in favour of this strict separation project/business.

And thinking again to the case,
Users who ask me for hosting get a URL since 2017, and this would be difficult to change today. It was done on purpose at that time. Communication is also clear that this is not a community hosting service.

Dear Dominique,

thanks for understanding and sharing the concerns about the usage of top level tryton domains.

What about forwarding like as long as the community content is not available?

Since is available, I think it would be better to redirect to it.
If someone tries a .de, .fr … he expects some information in his language.
As is still the “best” information source I mean the only one in french about Tryton, it would be a regression. Nevertheless, at the end of the story, I don’t care. is still under evolution to evtl. move forward to be a community portal. But it also advertises commercial extensions, thus exactly not qualifying to be forwarded to from the top level domain. Thankfully and correctly was not used to offer this content (finally the domains are in the same hands…).

Did I understand correctly that you now don’t want to care in contrast to your inital message?
You may want to qualify your company website as the best information source about Tryton/Odoo but it is still your company website promoting your services (and finally also Odoo(!) related services under (!)).
I sincerely would value if you would care.

No, I don’t care that it is a regression. The sentence was clear.

I don’t think it deserves a discussion. Either Tryton project buys the domains it wants to control, or there is no rule which can be enforced. By the way, Tryton is not only an ERP software on the web.

Even just for the sake of not mixing two discussions, it’s better to split the topic.

Which I don’t think is possible :slight_smile:

But we could have guidelines that we would like the community to follow.

I must say I don’t have an opinion on this subject.

Just for reference which will be the equivalent for Spain, is a website of a Ski and Mountain guides located in the Spanish Pirines.

I do not think we can blame them for anything as they will probably know anything about tryton software nor ask them to use a different domain.

I have exactly the same feeling.

I think the only case where the Foundation could actually act, is if the website behind was misleading like make people think they download Tryton when it is something else (or hacked sources with malware etc).

But the Foundation already request a fair usage of the trademark, see Tryton trademark.

Well, there was lost some information by splitting this post, so I will re-add it:

From Marketing on Linkedin Tryton Group - #30 by yangoon

As I said it was agreed upon by the community members of the early TUBs to not use tryton.<tld> for commercial, company related purposes. IIRC nan-tic originally held and as long as they owned it they didn’t use that domain to advertise their company.

Needless to say that it is out of scope for to hold all tryton.<tld>, but it is exactly a service the community can give back to the project to provide or forward to project (and not company) related content.

It is also obviously correct that some tryton.<tld> will be owned and used for different content. That’s not the point. The important thing is to avoid a wrong appearance of direct affiliation between the project and a company. A respectful community will help by paying attention to this possible conflict. Therefore I am asking to respect this delicate matter and I am searching for community-wide consent. I am of course aware that only direct violation of the trademark can be enforced.

I also think it is interesting to note that one of the How to Develop - Requirements is:

  • The domain of the contributor email must not contain tryton.

What was agreed earlier is only this requirements.

I don’t remember anything of this kind. I did reserve to protect it because foundation was not in charge of it.

I have registered tryton .sh - I can redirect it to org as well.
It is not indexed in search engines and we are using an other domain as first entry point. The first idea was to have a platform to spin up projects shared between german community quickly - after a commit a tryton instance starts via podman to show it to other community members and possible clients. So far there is not much interest.

Imho, it would be misleading. A privately owned domain should not look like a community alias.
This is why does not redirect to

I would like to hand out mine to the foundation.

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Hello all, I registered today to provide commercial Tryton hosting services in Canada, using sub-domains to access client instances of Tryton. Is this acceptable? I recognise “tryton” is a sub-string in the TLD, but trust it is acceptable when used in a compound phrase.

Best regards,

There is no issue as far as it is used for something related to Tryton (which is the case). So it is acceptable.

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As far as you explain to your customers who you are, it is fair.

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