Tips for starting with Tryton

I’m a noob, just trying to find out whether tryton is for me. Installing it with docker on an ubuntu box was really easy. But then…

After the Tryton - Get Tryton pages, you are left alone. You dont know where to go now. That page should hold a link to a “first steps” page. What should be in the “first steps” page?

My suggestion: Ask us! - The noobs are the experts for asking noobs’ questions. All you awesome experts are not. You do not know what’s difficult for noobs and what is not.

Encourage noobs’ to ask noobs’ questions, lead us to the "noobs’ corner of this forum, watch questions and answers and create the “first steps” page from that.

Here are my noobs’ questions, just as an example:

  • Which modules do I need as basic equipment?
  • Where do I find an explanation which module does what? - Just a few sentences about every module?
  • What is the difference between language and translation?
  • How do I switch from English to my mother tongue?
  • Why is there no standard settings of business year, VAT rates, etc?
  • … more to come

My 2cts…

NB: From the v page, you only find the link “join the forum”. Not just “forum”. I’d first like to see the forum (is it active or dead…?) before I join. So I did not click that link and did not find the forum. Only much later, accidently with a g**gl search…



Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the feedback.

As an example, here are a few answers:

Good question! Unfortunately, it is not easy to answer, because it all depends on what your business does, and how you want Tryton to work for you. However in most businesses you will probably want at least the product, purchase and sales modules, and an accounting module for your country (if one is available). You may also want to manage goods in a warehouse with the stock module.

If you activate a module, then all the modules that it depends on will also be activated too. So, for example, activating the party module will also activate the country module as well, as it is needed for the party’s addresses.

I’m sure you know this, but language is something like English, German, French… Where as translation is the process of converting from one language to another, and a translation is the result of converting something from one language to another.

So in the context of Tryton you would set the language you want to use Tryton in, and then when the translations are loaded all the field names would be translated into that language.

Some other members of the community are better placed to help, but I think there are a few settings you need, and I think you need to load the translations for your language, here are some links to the documentation:

and this is a bit of behind the scenes information:

The starting and ending dates for the business year can depend on the rules for your country or perhaps the dates your accountant suggests you use. You may also want to choose quarterly or monthly periods. So you just need to create it in
Financial > Configuration > Fiscal Years > Fiscal Years. There is also currently a guide on How to create a Fiscalyear.

The VAT rates are normally setup in the accounting module for your country, and you can use the taxes that are defined in the module to correctly add and account for VAT.

Hope that helps!

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@ dave
Thank you for your attention. I’ll try as soon as I’m back to my workstation.

But I’d like to emphasize my main point: Let the noobs decide which are the most urgently needed infos.
Being a noob, I tend to avoid flooding a forum with my noob’s questions, but try to figure out as much as possible on my own. This takes an awful lot of time and is very frustrating. Most of the other noobs do the same. So the valuable info “what are noobs’ questions?” is not collected and utilized for a better documentation.

If we’d encourage noobs to ask their questions - somewhere in would be a good place to place - like

Sorry, beginner’s documentation is sparse at the moment. We want YOUR help us to improve it. When you are done with your install, please have a look at our “newbies’ corner”. If you dont find your question answered there, don’t hesitate to ask even “stupid” questions. Thus we can identify newbies’ problems and build up documentation according. And please vote for the most important ahd helpful q&a’s"

A voting / polling system (I think it’s alreay operational) on questions and answers would be helpful of course.


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I agree Wolf! I am flooding the whole forum with my newb questions, its embarrassing as I am more of a self starter and likes to google around and find answers. I kinda find it frustrating when I cant find any!

But the guys here are definitely helpful. Will be good if there is a starter guide !

We know and we are going to work on it but documenting each step of Tryton is a hard work so it won’t probably be ready soon. Meanwhile the best you can do is ask on the forum and we will include our replies as part of documenatios or howtwos.

Your feedback is also usefull for us!

Hi Wolf,

Eventhough outdating, I find this getting started guide to be pretty helpful for new joiners.