The changes I added cannot be taken into consideration

Hi ,
After adding my changes and saving, as usual i have go and update the database with the command :

trytond/bin/trytond-admin -vv -c trytond.conf -d database --all


nohup trytond/bin/trytond -c trytond.conf --dev &

**—> But it doesn’t take on consideration my changes and still show me the same things
(am working on a server i have killed the process then i have update one another time but nothing updated)

Help please Thanks

It will be great to explain which changes are you doing? otherwise is impossible to help

am changing the xml code like

<field name="name">Dunning-E-mail</field>

to ---><field name="name">Payment Email</field>

or another changes in xml code ,when i go to browser and see the interface tryton nothing changed or updated like i would!!!

PS :from 2days i haven’t enter to the server and today when i have putted those modifications the reaction of the server like does not see what i add (lignes of codes) ,

And you restarted the client or run also with --dev?

Hi again, i have go and change the id of the record to solve the problem of didn’t accept the rename that i have add on the xml code that i would display

 <record model="" id="report_email">
<field name="name">Dunning-E-mail</field>

to --->
 <record model="" id="report_email0">
<field name="name">Payment Email</field>

but it gives me this error when i have updated the database

MainProcess INFO trytond.convert Deleting from account_dunning_email.report_email_3
MainProcess ERROR trytond.convert Could not delete id: 340 of model 
There should be some relation that points to this resource
You should manually fix this and restart --update = module
trytond.model.modelstorage.RequiredValidationError: ('UserError', ('A value is required for the field "E-Mail template" of "Dunning level".',
7341 179787117762920 [2021-09-29 15: 59: 42,796] MainProcess INFO trytond.modules all modules loaded

When XML record does not update it may be because the system is confused and think that the record stored in the database has been changed by a user. So it does not update it and log a warning about it.
In “Administration / Models / Models / Data” you can see all the XML records that are not in sync with the XML source file and you can force the synchronization.