Tariff codes improvements


We noticed some improvements for the tariff codes in the Customs module.

Until now, you could only link one country to a tariff code. So, if a tariff code is applied to a specific group of countries, you’ll have to duplicate the tariff code and link to each country one by one.

There’s a TO-DO in the code about a group of countries: modules/customs: c40cc9dc1a61 customs.py

May be now we could add Organizations or Areas on tariff_codes to group some countries?

Another improvement, would be to add some details on the tariff codes list in the product form.
If, for instance, we need a tariff code which is applied on a specific country, we don’t know which one is correct.

On this screen, why “Country of Origin” field is named only “Country”?

And, maybe, a third improvement would be a function field to display the tariff_code on sale_line and purchase_line with a customizable “get_pattern” function. (it’s useful for some business to have this field on the sale confirmation (and invoice too)). It would be better than doing this in the report ? (How to get HS and country of origin on sale and invoice reports - #4 by ced).

Thanks for comments :slight_smile:

Already in Issue 11838: Support country organization for tariff code and duty rate - Tryton issue tracker

Why not. This would require to add Function fields to product-customs.tariff.code.

It was to save room but indeed at least we need a complete tooltip.

Why not but should we use the sale date or the shipping date? If it is the shipping date what about back-orders?

I miss this feature :slight_smile:

I will create a feature for this.

I will create a feature for this too.

Good question. I didn’t think about the dates (because we don’t use them) and I don’t know which one should be chosen.