How to get HS and country of origin on sale and invoice reports

Thank you.
How can I call this info in the sale and invoice documents (“line.product.???”)?

The country of origin is a simple Many2One on the product template so it can be retrieve with simply
For the tariff code, a product may have many codes depending on criteria like the date, the country etc. So the customs module provide on product instance a method get_tariff_code(pattern) which must be called with the proper pattern dictionary. This method return the first tariff code that match the pattern.

ok, for country_of_origin I use:
<if test="line.product.country_of_origin"> <> </if>

for the hs-code I am stuck with
which produces


what would be the correct formula in the report-file to print the tariff-code itself (if it is a single one) or the list of pattern-matching tariff-codes ?

It will be line.product.get_tariff_code({}).code
But I think the pattern should at least include the date and the country.

Thank you! I got it done with:

<if test="line.product.country_of_origin">
Country of Origin <> Tariff Code <line.product.get_tariff_code({'date':sale.sale_date or today}).code>