Suggestion to allow loss location for supplier shipment, inventory moves


I would like to ask why the for inventory_moves.to_location do not support “Loss Location”?
Normally, but not all (of course), after receiving, Then during storage there is possible to happen lost quantity, this case is mostly happen for product which is frozen/fresh type (Kg).

Case1: Buying carrot from Farmers with gross weight 100kg (incoming moves), after doing QC and selection there is some Not Good. then it will be 95kg to storage location. then 5 kg to loss location.

Case2: Buying frozen beef, inventory moves 100kg. Then when doing storage, doing another weighting and because of the nature, it come thawing process and loss 1%-1.5% so it will be 98kg to storage. 2kg to loss.

Beside above question: In urgent I would like to modify and allow loss location.
My another question is how to override “Function Field”?

    inventory_moves = fields.Function(fields.One2Many('stock.move', 'shipment',
        'Inventory Moves',
            ('from_location', '=', Eval('warehouse_input')),
            If(~Eval('state').in_(['done', 'cancel']),
                ('to_location', 'child_of',
                    [Eval('warehouse_storage', -1)], 'parent'),
            ('company', '=', Eval('company')),
            'readonly': Eval('state').in_(['draft', 'done', 'cancel']),
            'invisible': (
                Eval('warehouse_input') == Eval('warehouse_storage')),
        depends=['state', 'warehouse', 'warehouse_input',
            'warehouse_storage', 'company'],
        help="The moves that put the stock away into the storage area."),
    'get_inventory_moves', setter='set_inventory_moves')

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Create your own module, inherit the class and in the __setup__() change the domain (cls.inventory_moves.domain). You also need to change the getter and setter function.

I guess it is because nobody though about this use case.
I think it would be a nice improvement to allow as to_location for inventory moves of supplier shipment to accept lost_found location in addition to the children storage.
Here is Issue 9156: Allow lost and found location on inventory moves of supplier shipment - Tryton issue tracker.

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