Checking supplier shipment is well "stored" before to be Done

Hi, need some advices about storage management…
We have a warehouse with multiple physical storage zones… Each storage zone has multiple locations.
Small example:


  • Input Zone
  • Storage Zone
    • storage_area_1

      • s1-A1-E1
      • s1-A1-E2
      • s1-A1-E3
      • s1-B1-E1
    • storage_area_2

      • s2-A1-E1
      • s2-A1-E2
      • s2-A1-E3
  • Output Zone

storage_area_1, storage_area_2 are storage zones with flat children. All our products are stored in locations s1-…, s2- which are the lower level of storage location.

When doing a supplier shipment, after doing “receive”, in the inventory moves, the default “To Location” is “Storage Zone”. In our case, nothing could be stored in this zone (it’s just a “virtual zone”) it’s the same for storage_area_1, storage_area_2…
But sometimes the user, forget to update to “To Location” to the correct storage location…


  • Could the “Storage Zone” converted into a “view” as location type instead of storage to prevent to do moves into this location ? Would this location still by default as “To Location” for the inventory moves (supplier shipment)
  • Would it be better (through a custom dev) to check before doing the supplier shipment if all the “To Location” are different from the default warehouse storage location ?
  • Should i convert all the locations where i don’t want products to be stored into “views” ? ( storage_area_1, storage_area_2…

Any suggestions ? Better way of doing ?
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I think this is the way to go. If you do not plan to storage any product on the Storage location you can set it a view. Tryton will use it as default value for the shipments but will prevent to finish the shipment (as it is not possible to move a product to a view location). This will force the user to specify a children location for each move, where he indicates the real location where the product is stored.

Yes, as far as you only have this locations to sum the products of children locations they should all be views.

Thanks for your explanations! :slight_smile:
Is there any way to apply this on a database with existing moves implying locations i wish to convert in views?

Only if there was never any move created on the location that is changed (except staging and draft).
Otherwise you have to correct those moves if possible to not use the location.

Hum, ok. But until we notice this problem, there’s already more than 400 moves using this location!
There’s some tip in Tryton, we should really know before to use it because they are very important concerning the process and after some weeks of use/misuse ( :slight_smile: ) , it’s difficult to change the behaviour… But we don’t think all the practical aspects until noticing some errors made by final users.

Now if you are sure that no quantities is left on the location, you may perform an update with SQL.

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