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I am working with stock_supply, stock_forecast and stock_supply_forecast. My question is: Where in the code can I find the method that creates the forecasts? What forecasting method is stock_supply_forecast using to generate the forecasts? I have previously worked with prediction models in python and for example there is the Support Vector Machine method, in the case of tryton, what method do you use to make the forecast and where do I find it?

I thank you in advance.

It is on ForecastLine.get_moves

It uses linear distribution but with some rounding.

There is no prediction method in standard. The forecast is the basis to store the result of your prediction.
But proposal to add prediction is welcomed.

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Hi Cedric
Thank you very much for your response, I have already reviewed the lines you are commenting on and the operation of these modules has become much clearer.

On the other hand, there are several definitions on the internet about the differences between a forecast and a prediction, in Tryton what would be the difference between these two? And finally, how could I contribute to the development of tryton to create prediction models?

Thank you very much in advance

The current forecast is about storing and acknowledge the system about how much quantity of a product is expected to be sold on a future period.
What I would call a prediction is any technique that would come up with the number. So it will probably look at the past to predict the future. Once such computation is done, it can be stored as a forecast.

At first, you could describe here what you have in mind to implement such prediction tool.
I personally think such tool would be mainly seen as an external engine (a little bit like Advanced planning with Frepple) that would query Tryton for past stock moves and create forecast.

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I don’t know so much about Tryton to say the best place to put it but I think that one option is to create a new menu in the logistics module and place a prediction method in that new option, because then with that prediction certain actions must be performed within tryton. Thanks for the previous answers

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