Advanced planning with Frepple


We have just started working with Frepple’s community edition in order to improve our production planning. It uses PostgreSQL database and it also has a Odoo connector free in the community edition and OpenBravo connector in the enterprise edition.

I also found some previous attempts of using Frepple and Tryton together but as they are from many years ago I wonder if anybody has recent experience with such software. I believe nowadays these advanced planning software are becoming more and more necessary and that it would be good to be able to match them with Tryton.

Any comments or advice?


Looking at the frePPle Odoo addons it does not seem too complicate to implement similar model.
On quick review, I would not use sale for demand but stock move. Idem for purchase and operation plan.

On the frePPle side, I guess most of the Odoo code could be reused.

Nice news Cédric!!

We have just started with Frepple and we still don’t know if we will use it in the future. I have already worked with similar comercial software like Preactor (Siemens) and know the benefits of them. They are expensive packages (we paid 100.000€ for Preactor) but, depending on the complexity of the production system, are worth their while.

I will let you know our advances.


Good Morning
I have gone through your post about Frepple and how most of Odoo Connector code can be re-used.
I’m not proficient with programming, can you advise if you are looking at an option for connecting Tryton with Frepple.
I’m working with a friend and having that facility will really assist with customizing this for him