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What is the right way to match a tax to a customer?

At the moment I have a feeling that I am doing it the wrong way:
I have a default customer tax rule configured: Romania_VAT.
When I invoice a new Party, the new party will have the Romania_VAT tax rule.
When I create a customer for export within the EU, I simply clear the default customer tax rule field from party.

I have a feeling that the right way to do it is to configure the tax rule on the product, because products may have different VAT percentages (in my case all of them are the same). Then this should be matched on all customers, and I should use tax_rule_country to not include VAT when I sell to other european countries. I have tried several times but failed this method.

I would appreciate if you could confirm which way is the right one, and if I am sure how it should be done then I will hopefully find a way, or come back and ask.

Romanian accounting is very close to french accounting. My accountant does not give me any useful info.

Thank you!

That’s what we do in Spain but instead of having no tax we create a special tax for companies that are included on the European VAT sistem with zero percentage. The reason of that is that you do not have to charge any amount to it but the invoices should include a description and you will probably need to report the base amount to the tax authority.

Now it works! Thank you so much! I have been thinking about this for too long.

Now the default is local VAT rate.
Using tax_rule_country I managed to get VAT0 selected, but of course, this does not mean that the customer has a valid european VAT number. Should I create a rule with multiple lines:
From romania to each european country?

I know to check VIES, but how do you manage this info in tryton?

There are two options here:

  • Use account_tax_rule_country and use a single tax rule for all customers (that should be OK for the ones you do not have EU_VAT number so the tax of each country is applied).
  • Create another tax rule without subdivision and countries for all parties that have a valid VAT number which ensures that the tax is set to VAT0. That tax rule should be assigned manually by the user on the customer tax rule field.

There is a wizard on parties to check if the VAT number is really registered as European using the VIES webservice. That should be managed manually.

Thank you for the advice!

I’m wondering if we should not have a account tax module that adds a EU VAT check as criteria. It will use the default tax identifier or the tax identifier selected on the invoice.

I think this is a good idea.

I guess there should be a prompt if vies is down or there is no internet connectivity, and in that case VAT should be added as normal. The user can replace it with VAT0 manually if necessary.

I will not sponsor development of this module as I should focus on priorities for making Tryton usable in my market.

I filled Issue 11570: Add tax identifier as tax rule criteria - Tryton issue tracker

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