How to get the right taxes for sales and purchases from/to different countries?


I’m trying to setup tryton for a small company in Belgium.

For purchases and sales from/to Belgium, no problem (yet :slight_smile: )

But the company also orders and sometimes sells products from/to other European countries. And rarely from extra European countries. And in that case, the taxes should be different (for example, for other European countries than Belgium, VAT is not on the invoice, but should appear in the VAT declaration, in another heading).

How do I manage that in tryton ? I tried a purchase from a Luxembourg entity, but VAT appears on the purchase and generated invoice…


You can define on Party, tab Accounting a Customer Tax Rule or Supplier Tax Rule.
In account_be module I think the tax would be something like “T.V.A. Vente de biens hors communauté 0%”
But as all the taxes it will apear on the purchase, the invoice and on the VAT declaration if this is your concern.

ok I see those… but I only have tax rules for sales (customer tax rules), not for purchase… did I miss something somewhere ?
And indeed, when I look in Financial-Configuration-Templates-Rules, I only have rule templates for sales…

Indeed the customer rule is “Ventes intracommunautaires” when it is in Europe and “Ventes hors communauté” when it is outside Europe.

A more general design would be to use the module account_tax_rule_country and create a default tax rule that will be used for all parties and apply the right tax substitution based on the shipping addresses.
But there are no such rules created by default for Belgium.

The standard module does not provide tax rules for purchase because it will require that we include taxes for each VAT rate in Europe and use the account_tax_rule_country. Also the VAT declaration may be different depending if your company is registered in the foreign country or not.
But you can create some purchase tax rules for yourself that works for your business.

I don’t think so: when I buy from another European country, there is simply no VAT on the invoice. And on the VAT declaration, I just have to add (and deduct) a «fictive» 21% VAT for those transactions in the respective fields. So the other country’s VAT rate does not impact anything.

This is only if the services or the goods are delivered in Belgium (and if the supplier accepts to do so). Also there is the case if the supplier has a Belgium VAT number, in this case you will have Belgium VAT. Otherwise you will have the VAT of the country and you will need to request a refund to the corresponding country through INTERVAT.
So as you can see it depends on many factors and most depend on the behavior of the supplier.

ok understood, my present case is quite simple.

I just created a tax rule «Achats Intracommunautaires», with a single line for tax group «T.V.A. Achat» and a substitution tax «T.V.A. Achat de marchandises intracommunautaires déductibles 21%»), and I just have to give that supplier tax rule to all intracom suppliers.

But it can be a lot more complex :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

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