Simplify start and finish of production works

In order to start a work, the user currently has to perform the following clicks:

  1. Create a new cycle
  2. Save the work
  3. Start the cycle (by clicking on the button on the cycle)

And in order to finish it

  1. Find the current active cycle
  2. Click on the do button.

I think we can simplify it by using two buttons called start and end that will perform the avobe steps for the user. The finish button will be in charge of computing the duration of the current cycle (like it does now).


The problem is that now we allow to have multiple cycles started in parallel which will no more be possible with the proposed design.
I think it will be good to have a button to append and start a new cycle. And maybe a button to stop the current cycle if it is the only one. For other cases, the current design stays to have fine grain management.

I’ve filled Issue 9418: Simplify start and stop of production works - Tryton issue tracker which implements it taking in account: