Allow to stop production work without finishing them

Currently, on production works there is two buttons:

  1. Start → Which creates a cycle and updates the work state to ‘running’
  2. Stop → Which finish the cycle and sets the work state to ‘done’.

This was discussed in Simplify start and finish of production works

But the problem is that the Stop behaviour is not always what the user wants. Sometimes the user knows that the works is still not done and he must continue working on it tomorrow (or another day).

This can be implemented by creating a new cycle in draft status, but this is not intuitive from the user point of view.

I’m wondering if it won’t be better to:

  1. Rename the current stop to “Finish” so it is clear that the work will be set to done.
  2. Create a new button called “Pause”, which will finish the current work and create a new draft one so the state is keep as “Waiting”.

Also, the start button should be updated to do not create a new Cyclye if draft, but just set them as running.

Does it make sense? Any better ideas?

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I guess if a pause button is added, there should be a unpause button and reuse the start button.

Could you describe the behaviour of the unpause button? What will be its usage?

Best would be IMHO a combined play/pause-toggle-button (:play_or_pause_button:) and a stop-button, as it is used everywhere.

I’ve created Add button to pause production works (!601) · Merge requests · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab implementing this feature.