Should we apply to Season of Docs 2020?

As the documentation topic is currently a hot topic maybe we should apply to “Season of Docs 2020”?

What do you think?


As far as it helps documenting Tryton this is a good idea.

But for documenting Tryton we need someone that knows how the system work, which am I not sure if we can find it on the “Season of docs”.

Also we need someone willing to volunter for Mentoring the Technical writter. Probably the role of the mentor will be to teach all the Tryton parts to the “Technical Writer”.

If we really consider to apply we should collect some ideas. Here are ones that come to my mind:

It will be great if others can share their own ideas.

I would first say that I’m not very motivated to spend time on this (in other words I will not propose myself as mentor). My personal experience with the Google Summer of Code was very mitigated.
I want also to remember that we applied as project many times and we were never picked. We got students only throw the Python project umbrella. Also less than half of the student works landed finally in Tryton (and some because I finished it).

I’ve been reviewing the season of docs requirements and i’ve seen that google requires TWO organizations and TWO mentors to accept the proposal.

I’m going to volunter as administrator and also as mentor but we need somebody else to help me on both tasks otherwise we can not apply.

The organizaion aplication starts at 13th of April and ends on 4th of May (here is the full timeline).

For those who want to help as mentor or/and administrator please comment on this topic (or PM me) before 26th of April. We need at least a week to prepare the application.

As I started the thread, so i propose myself as second mentor.


Great, so I will start preparing the application. I will contact you in private to get any additional information that I should need.

This does not mean that the mentorship aplication is closed, so if anyone else wants to join us on this journey feel free to comment or contact me.

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I’ve filled the application and added a page with all of the GSoD information on this forum.

We can still edit the page and add more ideas or mentors.

I have good news from google: Our application for Season of Docs has been accepted. :partying_face: :partying_face:

We are now waiting from proposals for technical writes. We have to wait until 9th of June.

I will keep you informed with further results!

P.S: If you are curious, here is the list of accepted organizations.


I am very happy to hear the news! Congratulations to Sergi and Korbinian.

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