Same list_price for all companies


I have a multi company database. When we create a new company we would like to keep the same list_price in templates, but when a new database is created all list_price all undefined. Same when a new product is created in a company, the other don’t have list_price.

How can keep list_price in all companies.

Thanks in advance!

The product.list_price has company as key to determine the value of a product template and it is required because the value is linked to the company currency.
For me it is strange to have many companies which are selling the exact same products at the exact same price.

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We have a customer with such case. They have two companies and depending on the origin of the company they send the goods from one or the other.

They manage stock in a single company but there is one company that purchases to the other. My next task is to automate such workflow in tryton to avoid data duplication.

From what they told me, they wanted to unify everything into a single company but are keeping this infrastructure because customers are already used to purchase from one company or the other.

Having said that, I do not think this is something optimal nor something that should promote.

For now, they are on 6.0 series so we have a single entry without company on the product.list_price table. We should probably change that on the next update and add some custom code that syncs the list_price between companies.

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For me it sounds like just a branding issue. It will be simpler to have one company with different brand names.

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How can you handle that?

Every business has the same tax identifier, but his own warehouse, invoices and chart of accounts; they sell the same products with same prices. All business are from the same owner but in different places and with his own administration.

If they have the same tax identifier so there is only one company and so only one chart of accounts.

The warehouse separation is just about organization.
For the invoice I guess it is just the marketing name of the company that changes. So it is mainly about customize the template to not display the company name but something else.

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