Run multiple sessions (multiple clients) for same user with version 5

We migrated last week to version 5.0.x and also moved the backend behind nginx + uwsgi. The whole seems to be a bit more responsive then version 4.6.x
But … First the users really like the new icons and the layout!, but I got some complains, because there are users who want to have more then one session open at once so they can put the clients alongside each other and check things. This is faster than switching between tabs and they have two monitors so enough space to put two clients alongside each other.
In version 5.0.x however, this is not working any more. When you try to login into the same database the client just quits. Even when the username is different. The same happens when just running Tryton and connect to it directly (no nginx or uwsgi). Am I missing something?


This behavior is a requirement for using the new application design and open Tryton’s URL.
A trick could be to use a different hostname or port for the second instance because the application unique id is built using hostname:port/database.

Thanks for clarifying!

That can be a possible solution. Because I’m behind nginx, it should be possible to add another port.
But is this ID used for building the URL? What does that URL? Can you elaborate a bit more on that?
I’m just thinking if it’s possible to add an extra string to it to make the id unique again. This string is generated at startup of the client and can maybe added to the unique id as hostname:port/database/string or whatever. But I can imagine that this is to much work.
Maybe another option is to open Sao alongside the GTK client. Will that work?

The ID is used by the client to find another client with the same id to send him the command (e.g. opening an URL) and stop. So there is only one running client per ID. If the ID is random, it looses its goals.

You can use a private browser session, so you’ll be able to keep two sessions open.

The client uniqueness is only for desktop client. The web client can have one session per tab/process. It is just that the last login session will be stored for future reuse.

Ok, I understand.

Then this is the way to go. Multiple webclients or one GTK client and one webclient.

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