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(Raimon) #1

Current SAO design is poor because add default bootstrap CSS and not is possible to extend with new custom CSS. Also, default language is «english».

The idea is add a new json configuration file in SAO directory. Example:

‘lang’ : ‘es_ES’,
‘theme’ : ‘myTheme’,
‘logo’: ‘mylogo.png’,

  • “lang” parameter render default SAO language -in login modal-
  • “theme” option add new «stylesheet» in index.html to custom CSS.
  • “logo” option is logo company (default Tryton logo); other idea is define the logo in theme CSS.

(Cédric Krier) #2

The default language is the language of the browser and English is the fall-back. Of course it will be better if we had languages without countries.
To customize the css and logo, you just have to edit the index.html or use your own.

(Raimon) #3

Current revision or 3.8 branch, default login modal is in English; not language browser (in my configuration is catalan).

This solution is fork project/index.html. The configuration file is a nice form to customize with SAO options.

(Cédric Krier) #4

This is exactly the problem that should be solved with issue5443

Except it requires to fetch one file before being able to fetch and render the HTML/CSS.
Instead of forking index.html, it is better to serve another html page. This could be done by fixing the TODO.

(Cédric Krier) #5

Implemented by Issue 7622: Allow to load custom css and javascript - Tryton issue tracker

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