Sao configuration file

Current SAO design is poor because add default bootstrap CSS and not is possible to extend with new custom CSS. Also, default language is «english».

The idea is add a new json configuration file in SAO directory. Example:

‘lang’ : ‘es_ES’,
‘theme’ : ‘myTheme’,
‘logo’: ‘mylogo.png’,

  • “lang” parameter render default SAO language -in login modal-
  • “theme” option add new «stylesheet» in index.html to custom CSS.
  • “logo” option is logo company (default Tryton logo); other idea is define the logo in theme CSS.

The default language is the language of the browser and English is the fall-back. Of course it will be better if we had languages without countries.
To customize the css and logo, you just have to edit the index.html or use your own.

Current revision or 3.8 branch, default login modal is in English; not language browser (in my configuration is catalan).

This solution is fork project/index.html. The configuration file is a nice form to customize with SAO options.

This is exactly the problem that should be solved with issue5443

Except it requires to fetch one file before being able to fetch and render the HTML/CSS.
Instead of forking index.html, it is better to serve another html page. This could be done by fixing the TODO.

Implemented by Issue 7622: Allow to load custom css and javascript - Tryton issue tracker

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