Rietveld's end of life discussion

OT here, but that we have a backend that cant be updated any longer - and is abandoned by upstream - puts the project under a risk, which needs to be mitigated.

And what action would be better in your eyes than replacing the whole thing with something other? Isn’t this step the best thing we could do?

There is even an budget point for this in the Foundation Budget for 2021

Unfortunately the necessary amount of donations for this step has not been reached yet. So everybody can still help to reach this goal by donating to the foundation.

The reasons for the decision on how to replace the review tool have been discussed here:Taking care of infrastructure: code review

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JFTR see also related topic Infrastructure Overview

Hello Korbinian, of course I remember the discussion about a future code review tool. It pays into the same bucket as this discussion here, and I’m still not convinced that a home-brewn extention of rietveld serves a better experience or attracts more contributors compared to a workflow like gitlab (which can be self hosted as well, AFAIK).
However, before doing anything on that we should know where we are: The infrastructure overview as addressed in the foundation budget 2021 should exactly deliver this.
Then we can develop a target architecture

The codereview server is just a service inside the infrastructure overview and changing how it works it won’t change so much the infrastructure. Just one service which is diferent that the other.

We have several services on the infrastucture: discuss, bug tracker, CI, etc.

If you have any better idea please comment on the relevant thread.

Thats good that you know what is where, but an overview was budgeted and should be delivered

I have commented on that thread, and I keep my opinion. Please re-read.

Nothing new on the thread so, nothing changes!

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