Reverse Realtionship between party and user model?

So i was writing a pyson statement to fetch party from user but i can’t see any party field in user model. do i have to create it on my own or is there any other way to do that ?


Usually it is common to use the current employee to link user with party. But depending on the usage it could be something else.

i did give it a try using employee it doesent seems to work

[['', '=', Get(Eval('user', {}), '', '')]]

You can not use dotted notation as Get key. Also using nested call will not work because the evaluation of a Many2One return the id.
But I would also add that making rule based on same name is not very strong. It is better to use id (too bad that has not a better naming).
So if you need to have the party of the employee in the evaluation context (I deduct that it is for a record rule), you must add it to the context like it is done in modules/company/ to add the employee.

Thanks for the reply ced

Do you mean like this ?


    def _get_context(cls):

        pool = Pool()

        User = pool.get('res.user')

        Employee = pool.get('company.employee')

        context = super()._get_context()

        # Use root to avoid infinite loop when accessing user attributes

        with Transaction().set_user(0):

            user = User(Transaction().user)

        if user.employee:

            with Transaction().set_context(

                    _check_access=False, _datetime=None):

                context['employee'] = EvalEnvironment(

                    Employee(, Employee)

        return context

an example would be greatly appreciated if this is wrong