Evaluate data based on current loggedin user using record rule?

Hey ,
i have been working on timesheet module . was tinkering around with rules in access permission in groups so i could get the data only related to current logged in user . i tried putting domain in rules to get the data related to current user

i tried putting this in domain but no luck

[('employee.party', '=', Eval('_user'))]

am getting invalid domain rule

User and Party are not the same Model. You must compare only the ids of the same Model.
For example: [(employee', 'in', Eval('_user', {}).get('employee')]
But this rule already exists in standard module.

Yeah it exist i just want to learn how could i do it for another gnuhealth. btw grealty appreciated for solution

[['healthprof', 'in', Get(Eval('_user', {}), 'gnuhealth.healthprofessional, '')]]
i just give this a try in my model . healthprof is many2one field . but i cant see data in the record

am i doing something wrong ?