Restrict access to duplicate



Is there a way to disable users from duplicating records?
If possible, by default, I do not want users to duplicate records.
However, I want certain groups to be able to access it.

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The duplicate button is linked to the right of create a new record so if you restrict the create access won’t be allowed to duplicate.

Indeed, if you do not restrict the create access but just the duplicate one, the user will be also allowed to duplicate the records by creating a new one with exactly the same values.

Thank you for the reply Sergi.

Is it possible to be able to allow the user to create and not allow to duplicate?

Because the user might be able to create a record, but upon duplication there are some restrictions and an error will occur.

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It’s not possible.

I think the problem you have is that some custom fields on duplicating needs to be reset or empty in order to not generate invalid domains or whatever logic you have.
Remember you could define a copy() method with the default values that you want for the duplicated record.

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Thank you for the advice!