Error duplicating products

I have restricted access to a product field to a certain group. When I try to duplicate the product with read-only access user, it gives me an error just in that “field”. I have created default for that field without success, same error.

I’ve also seen something similar being talked about in:

But I can’t see a solution.

I would greatly appreciate help in this regard since being able to duplicate products for the rest of the staff would be of great help.

Thanks in advance :wink:

It will be great to know which version are you working on because it may alter the behaviour of the system. Also it will be great if you can give more info about the field usage and why you added the restriction for some users.

With Issue 10536: Manage copy record with access right limitation on some fields - Tryton issue tracker it will only raise the error if the user changed the default value. This makes sense because the user is writing a value to a field that he is not allowed to do so.

Prior to this issue, tryton will raise an error on each write because the user is not allowed to write on the field.

So this can be avoided by extending ModelStorage.copy to reset the default value for the specific field.

I’m using Tryton 5.2. The field is a “deprecated” Boolean required. I have and a GROUP responsable from deprected products and others and only they can modify this field.

Im tryting to do a backport but the problem persist when im trying to duplicate.

This is clearly not supported by this very old series.

It is probably better to upgrade because this feature is probably based on many others.

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So in your case, any user that is not responsible of the deprecated products can not modify this field.

The best will be to upgrade to a 6.2 series (where the new behaviour is already available) and set the deprecated flag to false when duplicating records.

That should fix your issues.

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thx @ced & @pokoli

We had in mind to do that update in a ““short time””.
Some trick to do this UPGRADE? since there are several versions and it is a bit scary since we have the corporate information as you can imagine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

There is no trick for the upgrade. Just have a look at the migration topics
for all the series, upgrade your code, run the database upgrade and do some test on a non production environment before going live.

We normally try to clean obsolete code and reduce the number of custom modules (if you have some) when doing some upgrade process.

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Hi again, returning at UPGRADE TOPIC i have a requirement soon to do some API Endpoint to do some job. I see that Tryton 6.0 / 6.2 works with werkzeug 2.0 and i dont kwow if that upgrade that we talk can be better to do after/before now that know that explianed new needs.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The upgrade should not produce any difference on the API enpoint behaviour.
I will say the soon you do the upgrade the less issues you will have.

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