Remove irc notification on #tryton-commit

We use irker to send notification to the #tryton-commit channel from mercurial and roundup.
But for the past year, there have been a lot of issues with it (especially since the update of mercurial to Python3). And a new one appeared since the update to Python 3.8. It seems that I’m the only one who cares about maintaining the mercurial irker’s hook. And I do not like it and it is painful because there are no tests and the code is not in very good shape.
So I think about removing irker completely as I could not find a better solution. So this would mean that the channel #tryton-commit will become pointless.
As replacement, people can activate “New Issue Copy” on their’s profile and they can subscribe to “commits” mailing list.

I use it to read all comments on the issues but I think this can be achieved by subscribing to the issue directly has the same behaviour.

So for me we can remove it.

If you have subscribed to the issue and to tryton-commit ML you will get two times the notification of the same commit (one from commit and other from bugs tracker). It is possible to avoid this duplication?

No they are sent by two different tools. The mercurial notify extension can not know that a particular email address will receive the notification on a linked issue.
Also they are not the same email with not exactly the same information.
But you can still filter on your email server the emails from

irker has been removed from the host, repositories and bug tracker.
The #tryton-commit channel has been dropped and removed from the web site.
Please tell me if I forgot something.