Newsletter January 2021

The Tryton team wishes you a happy new year.
Here are the changes that the team has already prepared for the next version.

Changes for the User

To the marketing email we’ve added the same formatting functions that are available for reports.

On the desktop client we added an interactive search on words in all the visible cells.

As the move number depends on the journal, we made the journal read-only on the move once it has been numbered.

We added options to let you choose the product and the format of the label for the DPD carrier.

We now support packages for shipping returns.

We allow the shipment cost price to be edited.

Sale promotions can be applied on the total amount of the sale.
The shipment costs are excluded by default from the total amount of the promotion.

We’ve added relates from requests to purchases and vice versa.

There is now a configuration to set a default customer payment term.
If not configured we now use, by default, the payment term and invoice method of the party’s last purchase.

We’ve added a summary of the description from the document lines in the lists. This is useful when the line has no product selected and only the description can distinguish it from other lines.

The customers on Braintree and Stripe are now updated when their parameters are modified.

The sale complaint displays the amount returned or credited for the complaint.

Changes for the Developer

We’ve removed the #tryton-commit channel. For alternatives see Remove irc notification on #tryton-commit.

When trytond generates a default form view, it now also includes all the available buttons.

The Python copy module is now supported when you want to copy model instances.

The ModelView.button_change now supports dependencies to other methods (like fields.depends).

For performance we now eagerly load all the Function fields with the same multiple getter.

We’ve added an automated test to check the validity of the long_description of the package. For that we use the twine check command.

We’ve removed the check for access right on instances.

The clients now support empty values for time-delta converters. These empty converters are ignored when formatting the value.

We’ve activated support for Python 3.9.

The TaxableMixin has been added to the sale line so amounts with tax included can be calculated.

We’ve added a new tool firstline which returns the first non-empty line of some text.

We create a cache for the model names. It is used to speed things up when filling in the Reference fields selection.

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