Quick data export from balance sheet, income statement or similar


I tried to export data from my balance sheet and the income statement pages. Is it really necessary to open any line with sum <>0 manually and select it?

The search term I’m using in the accounts table (credit: !0 or debit: !0) does not work - is there one for these sheets? The search term “Betrag: !0” does not work either.


For me the best way to do such export is from Financial > Reporting > General Ledger menu option

Hello, thank you for your attention!

In my (German) setup,
Financial > Reporting > General Ledger
Financial > Reporting > Balance Sheet
Financial > Reporting > Income Statement
do produce very different outputs. How would I get an export of eg “Balance Sheet” contents at the “General Ledger” page?


Usually you need all the entries of Balance Sheet and Income Statement, so the simplest way is to use the new “Statement” report which print the opened tree.

Right. Are you talking about new features, discussed here ? Is it correct, they are available starting with Vers. 6.0? - So I’d need to play a little upgrade adventure… (-;


Yes, this discussion has been already implemented and it landed on the new 6.0 series.