Product leadtime per company

The sale module adds the “Lead time” field to the product which allows to define automatically an estimated date for customer moves and therefore customer shipments. But when we are working with several companies, the “Lead time” field is not multicompany, which results in an impossible management of a lead time per product per company.

For example the product A in Spain has a 1 week lead time and the same product A in Colombia takes 2 weeks to be served.

Shouldn’t it be a multicompany field where I should be able to define different lead times for different companies?

Even more, it seems that the default lead time is a multivalue field but product’s lead time is not.

Sorry for interrupting, I saw multivalue field often in configuration model. But could understand what is it for.

What the purpose and usage for multivalue field?
And how to use it?

Indeed the configuration was added after modules/sale: 8850aa25cd14
So I think it is better to remove MultiValue on the configuration.

Indeed I do not think it is the company the criteria for different lead time.
I think the most common case, there should be no difference between each company in the same database.
But if there are a difference for me it will be based on the warehouse.

So for me the best solution would be to convert the lead time on product as MultiValue but not using CompanyValueMixin and to remove the CompanyValueMixin from the default lead time.

I created Issue 11428: Use MultiValue for product lead time - Tryton issue tracker