How to support "multi-company" in new module

OK, i need some pointers for make the “multi company” feature of this module work, for now i sprinkled a company field and domain check when i feel is needed, but it seams arbitrary to me. so i need some feedback on this.

Indeed there are two kinds of document (aka model): referential and operational.
Referential documents are static data that stay almost for ever in the system like a party, a product etc.
Operational documents have a shorten life, they usually have a workflow with start and end states like a sale, a purchase etc.

In relation to multi-company, we have also two kinds of documents: with or without unique link to a company.
Operational documents have often a direct link to the company like sale has a field company (but a sale line also via the sale field).
Referential documents may be from both kinds. An account has a direct link to a company but a product does not.

So we have this matrix:

Referential Operational
With link Many2One Many2One
Without link MultiValue Many2One

When we use Many2One, it must have a domain enforcing the company from the link.
When we use MultiValue (with CompanyMultiValueMixin), it must have a domain enforcing the company from the context.

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