Problem opening another wizard from a wizard


I have a form which will open a wizard and then the first wizard will open another wizard so that the user can draw their signature in the second wizard.

But when I click save on the second wizard, the changes is not reflected at first wizard (date and signature field not updated, although already created). The first wizard shown is exactly same as first image.

If I click the “Sign” button on the first wizard again, it will show concurrency error and update the changes on the first wizard.

May I know if anyone has any idea on how to refresh the first wizard after closing the second wizard? Thank you.

You can not. Wizards are independent processes. You must do all your work in the same wizard.

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@athelia may i know how do you create the signature by using what library?

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@bala4901 I edited the tryton-sao, add a signature widget in form.js by using the library in below link.

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