How to refresh because wizard modifies selected lines

I have a wizard that updates and/or deletes some selected lines in a tree (in particular, invoices).

But if I delete any lines, I get messages to the tune that ‘You are trying to read records that don’t exist anymore’ when my wizard returns.

How to refresh/update the selected lines cleaning this up before returning ‘end’ in my transition_ function? I get the lines initially with Transaction.context[‘active_ids’].

Example somewhere?

Found this
different, but the technique seems to work only partially for me…
I still get the above message sometimes but, if so, it is now only once, instead of multiple times.

Deleting active records in wizard is not supported.

Hmm, what would be needed to support such an operation?

Alternately, as a workaround, would it be possible to queue up deletion of the records upon return from the wizard?

I do not think it is a desirable behavior. We should not encourage deleting records in wizard because it is a lost of information.

In the case in hand, there is no lost information.
Multiple invoices are merged into one, the empty ones simply need to be destroyed.

The reason a wizard is used instead of a simple action is the need to be able to order the draft invoices prior to the merge… (a draft invoice per delivery) but the final invoice multiple deliveries.

I guess once there is a delivery origin (as there should be), then reordering could be automatic by reference+date of the delivery.

For me, it is not a valid use case. We have some modules to deal with invoice grouping that does not require deletion.
More over, there is a lost of information by deleting the invoices. They can simply be canceled. Even if I do not consider this way of working as best practice.

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