Party identifier mandatory on tax rule

For sales inside EU we use a specific tax. This tax calculates intracommunitary sales for reporting. For fiscal reasons we have to add a party identifier (EU-VAT number).

The issue is that sometimes users forget to add the correct party identifier. Then we have a reporting which is not complete. For our tax-administration we can find manuel the correct EU-VAT number afterwards, but this is not the good practice. And above of that, the VAT-number is not written on invoice which is not according the rules.


  • Can we make (on a tax-rule) a certain party identifier mandatory?
  • Does somebody have experience with this problem and is their a good practice to work?

I do not think it is on tax rule that such constraint must be set but on the taxes and they must be enforced when an invoice is posted.
This will allow to fill partially the party form and do most of the processes until the irreversible operation.

But to be able to implement such enforcement we will also need to have a precise definition of European countries (based on date).

This is feature is also needed for Intrastat reporting.