Partially assigned in customer shipment


May I know what is the purpose of “Partially Assigned” domain?
I saw the number of count is same like the “Packed” status.

A little confuse regarding the usage? and what does it want to show to user?

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It allows to spot the shipments that have some move assigned (so they can be deliveried). It can be used with the cron job to automatically assign shipments so the user can know what can be shipped without assigning all the shipments.

Hi @pokoli,
May I know what cron job can automatically assign shipment?
How to do it?

There are “Assign Customer Shipments” and “Assign Internal Shipments” but by default no task is created, you have to create an entry yourself if you want to use this feature.

It will be good if someone could complete Sending and receiving deliveries — trytond_stock latest documentation

As @bala4901 said, when a customer shipment is packed, it also appear on “Partially Assigned” domain filter:

I suspect that search_partially_assigned function is not working fine at all, isn’t it?

Indeed the modification that adds the partially assigned changed the definition of the moves used for assignation, see Issue 11443: Wrong moves field used for customer and internal shipments - Tryton issue tracker

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