Set to draft outgoing move line after assignation on customer shipment

We have often customer shipments with a lot of moves because we are using lots. New module "Manual Stock Assign’ is very helpful. But sometimes, we have still errors and we have to set the workflow from “Assigned” to “Waiting” to fix the error. In this case, all the work of the assignation is lost and the employee has to restart to assign all the lines from the beginning. It’s no really a problem when having few lines to ship. But in case (and often when using lots) of a customer shipping with a lot of lines this could be a waist of time to do the whole work of assignation again to resolve one move line with an error.
So, it it possible to set only one move line to draft when the customer shipment is “assigned” ? Is there any consequences to do such thing or the current process allows already to set to draft only one move line?

I think this is probably related to the “Manual Stock Assign” workflow where you need to pick moves one by one.

You should probably have a button to set an assigned move back to draft which should update the shipment state from assigned to waiting.

Yes, but this could also apply without this module. You manually update target locations, split, … for all your inventory shipping lines then you do “Assign”. After that, you noticed something wrong, the only way to correct your faulty line is going back with the “Wait” workflow and you’ll loose all your previous updates. Would be useful to have such button “Reset to draft” on each line when state is “Assigned”

That’s what i want. Just wondering if somebody has already done this change in a custom module and if this could be done without breaking standard workflow.

The button is already available on the Move form. So you can move it back to draft but the shipment state won’t be updated.

The button is disable when the move is linked to a shipment.

Well I think this is the typical use case of the manual assignation. So for me, it would make sense to have a manual unassign wizard in the same module.

+1 for us for this proposal :slight_smile: