Order value in Action Windows

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to personalize an Action Window with the last 30 days Invoices to show on the dashboard.
I could do everything that I want less getting them ordered by date.
I tryed with [(“invoice_date”, “DESC”)] but nothing happens. They continue ordered by number.
Does someone have the answer?

I think that it should work so maybe the problem is that for some reason the database is not getting updated.
Can you check the value of the field ‘order’ of this record through the database or through the web interface (/Administration/User Interface/Actions/Window Action)

Hi Oscar, thanks for your answer.
Are you asking me this?


Yes, that’s what I was asking for.
The value is right, so maybe the problem is that you are not calling this action in the menu?
(I tested it in my environment to be sure, and it’s working but I’m using 5.2, so maybe something changed in later versions)

I’m calling it from dashboard. I will try calling it from the menu and let you know.
Thank you very much for your time.

Indeed the order of action is not used on board. Please fill an issue.

@ced Something like this?


Excuse me, but I’m totally new on this kind of things.