Offset sales to and purchases from one party

Hello everybody,

I have a customer who normally purchases good from us; now they have some goods we purchase from them. So I created a purchase which creates a separate supplier’s invoice. It would be nice to find this position as a subtraction (offset) at my customers’ invoice for the party in question. Do we have a module - or another procedure - for this task? This is not a big deal, just a “nice-to-have”.


You should create both a customer and supplier invoice.

Once you have the payable and receivable lines, there is a wizard to create a balance move, which will move the balance to the payable or receivable amount (the one bigger) and mark the invoice with less amount paid.

Thank you. Guess, the invoices should not be posted yet? Where can I find that wizard mentioned - it seems to be under none of the propeller icons?

The invoices should be posted as the wizard is on the account lines. It is called Group lines and it is under the actions icon in the receivable/payable view of the party (or any move lines view).

Thank you. Is this the view you’re talking about:

Under the propeller icon, I see “erase, replace, check VIES, and translate view”.
Do I still need a particular module? - I’m in my 6.4 testing.


At the party, navigate to the “Relate” button (located to the right of the propeller icon). Choose “Payable/Receivable Lines”. Once in that view, you can select multiple account move lines. Using the propeller icon, you can then access and run various wizards, such as “Group”.

Thank you very much. Right, I found out how to group lines.

But what I wanted is in the end a customer invoice which says something like

Our deliveries:
subtotal:                              500.-
Your deliveries:
subtotal                               -70.-
total:                                 430.-

Can that be done in Tryton ?


It is possible but it is not managed by any standard module.
So you must create a custom code which “converts” the supplier invoice lines into customer invoice lines with the right quantities.

Allright. Thank you to both of you.
It’s not really important. Many other features I’d regard as much more important.


I’m not convinced this invoice would be legal in France.

There is a difference between party payment balance and invoicing.

In particular this seems to be in contradiction with tax regulations.

From my point of view, the problem should be addressed in this way:

Total: 500.-
VAT: 100
Early payment : 0

TOTAL tax included 600

Previous situation
Your Invoice n° 12345, date : yy/mm/ff -84

Net to pay on yy/mm/dd:
total: 514

This sounds a little bit like dunning.
I’ve already done such customization of the invoice template (display customer payable/receivable) but I dislike it because then we store temporary data in the invoice archive. But probably a module that append the customer balance as a next page to the invoice report like Account Invoice Watermark Module will be great.

It sounds correct as we do not justify taxes to be paid by the supplier by a local invoice as previously proposed.
How would payment terms be considered ?

I guess like with dunning, a list of date, amount and origin with a total at the end.

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