Append customer balance to customer invoices

Continuing the discussion from Offset sales to and purchases from one party:

The module would add an additional page with the customer balance (payable/receivable lines) like the Account Invoice Watermark Module does for the pay status.
This page is always fresh when re-printing the invoice (this means it is not archived).
It display the lines in the same way the dunning report.

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In our case, we made a customization to display the pending amount to pay for that invoice.
I think it’s not the same case that you are proposing, If I understand correctly, the difference is that with the proposal it will show the total amount balance for that customer, but not the balance for that specific invoice.

Will this proposal also be suitable for this case?

I think it is less confusing for the customer to receive all the pending than just a partial sets.
Also for the company the goal is to be paid of everything that is due.