Offering to help with more acount_* countries

I can use my script from the account_ch effort to quickly bootstrap more countries from CSV into XML Chart of Accounts.

I saw this thread asking about supported countries with some examples of countries like the UK that are not in the official list yet.

In the weblate report, I see 28 countries have language translations.

In the Mercurial repository, I only see 5 countries, as mentioned in the other thread (BE, DE, ES, EU, FR)

The other thread mentions work in progress elsewhere for GB and IT.

Is there work in progress for the other 21 countries that have translations? Is there any place where a list of these efforts can be found or is there a tag used in the bug tracking system so people can register and report on localization efforts?

I don’t want to lose time attempting any country that somebody else is already working on. If I don’t finish a country, I would like to share my work so other people can find it quickly, pick it up and continue it.

The problem is that including a country module for accounting requires more than just setup a chart of account and taxes. You need to know well the accounting requirements for this country and it requires also a long term commitment to support it.
Also there are many users who are using the Tryton’s accounting only for management accounting.

I agree with everything you say but I also see a couple of problems here:

  • the person who does the heavy lifting to add a new country is not always the best person to support it. Many free software projects conflate these roles.
  • the people who may be interested in supporting a country may not get involved if they can’t see somebody already started building for it. They look at the list of the countries, they see their country is missing, they decide to come back in 2 years and look again

Maybe it would be useful to have a dashboard for countries, a summary of the features and key people. These could be columns in the dashboard:

  • translation(s) and link to weblate
  • Chart of Accounts, link to account_foo or third-party site
  • Tax status, link to account_foo or third-party site
  • count of critical issues, showstopper bugs, link to a bug-tracker query/report that shows all issues tagged for the country
  • list of key people and their contribution (e.g. flags for skills, language, technical, tax, business)

I see your dashboard proposal as possitive for the project but I’m not sure if we will have the capacity to keep it updated or eveng is enought work to have it available.

Also I’m not sure where to include such information.

Both links should be easly discovered by the user.
I do not think we should promote the third-party account modules as it won’t help adding them to the project. People just will use this versions and suffer it’s pain.

Once the module is part of the oficial release the bug tracker can be searched using the component (which matches the module name).

Maybe this is the most important part but this can also be found on the mercurial repository.

Some of this can be automated, for example:

  • create a keyword in the bug tracker for each country
  • the script generating the table creates links like this where 22 is replaced by the country ID

Notice on the front page of the reSIProcate wiki we can pull from Github RSS feeds and display them in the wiki page. Most wikis have some basic tags or modules to do something like that. Then nobody has to maintain it manually.

There are lots of little hacks like this that could be used to create a country list/table that stays up-to-date.

The documentation for the Roundup Tracker used by Tryton describes a REST API. Maybe it is possible to write a script that polls the API and generates some simple reports or maybe the Roundup developers would accept a contribution that does generic per-keyword summary statistics.