Countries supported for accounting?

I’m curious for which countries Tryton accounting support (chart of accounts, taxes, taxrules, etc.) is available - maybe by 3rd parties. In the official module there are Belgium (BE), Germany (DE), Spain (ES), France (FR). I’m esp. interested in Autria (AT), Switzerland (CH), Italian (IT) and other European countries.

(Background: might help to convince some people off using Tryton as a base for some project:)

There is a proposal to add it: See: Italian chart of account

The is also a WIP of a chart for the UK

For the others I’m not aware of any module for European Countries, while there are some for South America that are not part of the official modules.

For me accounting is something that should not be part of 3rd parties.
Each time I discussed the features required on a localization modules most of the time there is an implementation of a custom solution for a problem that is already solved on Tryton but the 3rd party did not know about it’s usage.

Also, the only way to make the chart visible on the project is to sharing it with it’s community.

Having said that, I always offer my help to review/mentor/help anyone willing to add a new chart of accounts as part of the official modules.

There is also some initial work on a chart of accounts for Romania.

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And there is WIP for the IFRS chart.

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Thanks to all for the answers.

What is the suggested guide for adding a country?

Hi Daniel,

This may be of use: How to create your country localization module for accounts